$500 Promotion Strategy

Pitch Playlist offers multiple standard packages for Spotify promotions. Compare the options below to find your best fit:

Package 1

  • Targeted Facebook, IG, and Major websites - 20,000 impressions
  • 10 hip hop magazines, blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj's + blogs
  • Spotify Streaming and playlist submission - minimum 35,000 Spotify Streams
  • Youtube Ad Campaign generally will see 800 - 1000+ minimum views

Package 2

  • 150+ spins/week 600+ spins Minimum for Campaign Submit to Music Panel - 4 Weeks -
  • 15​ hip hop magazines, blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj's + blogs
  • Tik Tok song promotion to 100k followers
  • Targeted Facebook, IG, and Major Websites - 15,000

Package 3

  • 20 hip hop magazines, blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj's + blogs
  • Tik Tok song promotion to 250k followers
  • Youtube Ad Campaign generally will see 500 - 750+ minimum views
  • Spotify Streaming and playlist submission - minimum 20,000 Spotify Streams

Single Release day set up $5000​- requires 4-6 week window release

Pitch Playlist offers multiple standard packages for Spotify promotions. Compare the options below to find your best fit:

  • Handle everything for your release day including Marketing Driver Report
  • Submissions to Spotify Playlists during pre-release
  • Preview Link
  • Pre-Save/Pre Add Campaign
  • Add Campaign where you would receive a minimum of 250K impressions on your ads Press Release sent out before release to all major mags, PR Web, and all media outlets. We work to do a minimum 500,000 streams the first 21 days minimum using playlisting and ads run on gaming, dating, and other high interactive websites.
  • Would deliver 3-5 mid major to major blogs. This would also help towards verification on instagram.
  • Platinum 1000+ spins/week 8000+ Minimum for Campaign Submit to Music Panel - 8 weeks
  • 200 popular hip hop blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj's + blogs
  • Tik Tok song promotion to 5 Million followers

Service List - The Essentials

Music 101 Courses $299 Cost minimum 4 for class

This is a 101 course done over zoom 2 hr course This is an Overview intro course then the academy would be more in depth1. Business Formation and Protection: – Trademark – Sole Proprietorship/LLC2. Copyright Basics: – History and Importance of Copyright – How to file a copyright – The six exclusive rights of Copyright. – Copyright infringement & fair use3. Music royalties
and the Organizations that collect them: – Types of music royalties – Performance rights organizations – Mechanical Rights Organization 4. Music Metadata, Encoding, and Cataloguing: – What is music metadata & why it’s important – Music Codes – How to catalog your music5. Making a record & preparing for release: – Budget – Contracts/agreements – Release Preparation 6. Team
Building: – Who should be on the team and why – When to obtain a team 7. Distribution, Labels, and Publishing – Understanding who they are and their importance – Types of Record deals 8. Determining a Market – Branding – Analytics: Social / Music – Publicity 9. Leveraging Social Media: – Live Streaming – Content Creation – Affiliate programs10. The New Landscape of the Music Industry:
– Streaming – Virtual performances

Bio (write-up & 1 sheet) – $100

EPK Creation – $450

Music Career Consultation – $500 per month – 1 hour per week *More time available. Social Media management- Starting at $300/mo. We build only real organic pages. There will be no purchasing
of views, likes, or comments with these campaigns.Please contact us if you are looking for automated social pages. That management begins at $1000 per month minimum 6 month contract.

Album/single artwork – starting at $99

Mixing/mastering – Starting at $200 for singles – Starting at $500 per album

Merchandising – $350 set up charge plus 15% of gross sales*Designs, marketing ads, and items sent to you for sale are extra

Music Contracts – $250 per contract– management, label, artist, publishing contracts *specialty contracts please contact for pricing

Targeted FB & IG AD Marketing – starting at $200/month Captivating ad campaign designed to get you moreclicks on Facebook, Instagram, and the most-visited music websites. Advertising you on such sites such as worldstarhiphop,, hotnewhiphop, xxlmag, allmusic, spin, complex, billboard, thesource, musicradar, hiphopdx,,, hypem, iheart, genius, discogs, and many more – Would need login to facebook for maximum effect for minimum of 30,000 impressions

Targeted Google ads starting at $200 month

Break a record live on DJ Conference Calls and receive feedback from DJ’s and music execs – Starting at $250

Record Sent to 27 Top DJ Pools $125 include franchise record pool & digitaldjpool

TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaign – Starting at $2500 Have your content reach over minimum 10M people. Can have a dance video created if you choose for an additional $100.00+

Tik Tok Song Promotion – $100 – Tik Tok song promotion to 100k followers $500 – Tik Tok song promotion to 5 Million followers $750 – Tik Tok song promotion to 6 million followers $1000 – Tik Tok Song Promotion to 16
million followers

Spotify Playlisting/Promotion – Starting at $149/mo. For Bronze Package – Reach 10K+ streams per month 299/mo for Silver Package – 40K+ Streams per month 599/mo for Gold Package – 100K+ Streams per month 999/mo for Platinum Package – 300K+ Streams per month 2000/mo for Diamond Package – 750K+ per streams per month. *We market and target US Audiences. No bots or botted playlists. All streams will be royalty paying. With Placement and submissions to top playlists included in every package except for Bronze.Spotify Follower Campaigns – Advertise your Spotify Channel to Millions of Users to help get your account more exposure and followers

Basic Campaign – $90 – 3 days Standard Campaign – $150 – 7 daysPremium Campaign – $399 – 14 daysLarger promotion packages available by request



Itunes Playlisting – Starting at $150 – 5-7 playlistPlease contact for custom pricing for larger placements

Youtube Marketing (No Drugs or violence in video or too much profanity)WorldStar Ad Pkg (just for Youtube videos) Basic package -$150 for WSHHStandard – $300 for WSHH YouTube and website adsPremium- $550 you get 2.5 x the results of standard*All get a tracking link so you can see where your traffic is coming from. Very high interaction rate

Youtube Video Ads – starting at $200 – you set the budget we run the ads you get results

Youtube Channel Marketing starting at $100 – you set the budget we run the campaign you get results

Music Video Submission – No guarantee selection BET $150 US based national TV broadcaster. Covers all music video outlets managed by BET including BET Jams, BET Soul, BET Hip-Hop, BET Gospel, BET HER BET INTL $150 Africa, France, S. Korea, U.K.HIP HOP & R&B PACKAGE – $400 BET including BET Jams, BET Soul, BET Hip-Hop, BET Gospel, BET HER, MTV Hits,MTV LIVE, MTV Tr3s,MTV VH1 Group, MTV VOD,, MTV2, mtvU, Music Choice – Video, Music Choice VOD, Nielsen BDS MTV NETWORKS – $150 – MTV Biggest Pop. MTV Hits,MTV LIVE, MTV Tr3s,MTV VH1 Group, MTV VOD,, MTV2, mtvU

Audio Submission – no guarantee of rotation or spins USA – Hip Hop and R&B (Top 100) – $395 – Hop and R&B AC (Top 100) – $395 – TOP 100 URBAN AC RADIO STATIONS IN THE US USA – Rhythmic (Top 100) $395 – TOP 100 of the biggest market Rhythmic stations. Includes all BDS/Mediabase monitored stations. Primarily, these stations play the Urban and Hip-Hop hits, but with a Top 40 presentation and sound. Core artists include Weeknd, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Drake.USA – College (Top 100) $395 – 100 of the top College radio stations across the country including Mediaguide monitored stations and those with the biggest markets and/or signal power. These stations generally have multiple DJs who program many styles of music into their individual shows. Many of these stations have Block programming, which includes several hours of a certain style of music eachweek, including Alternative, Rock, Acoustic, Americana, Dance, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, Urban, Electronic, and more.

FACEBOOK SOCIAL PROOF POSTS-When post is published, a link is provided to the buyer which can be shared, commented, liked and screenshot for social proof. The post and celebrity share will remain on Facebook network permanently, however, the post will be hidden from celebrity’s timeline and will not reach celebrity’s audience. AKON – 325 * LUDACRIS – 300 * CHEECH AND CHONG – 300 *MARTIN LAWRENCE – 250 *GUCCI MANE – 300 *SEAN KINGSTON – 175 *THE GAME – 250 *BOWWOW – 175 *CHARLIE SHEEN – 175 *EDDIE GRIFFIN – 150 *LIL TWIST – 100 *TOMMIE CHONG – 250 *CHEECH MARIN – 150


PR Distribution $1400
We Create the MEDIA BUZZ For Your Brand by Getting Your Press Release Published On CBS, NBC & FOX Affiliated Media Outlets + Submissions To Google News! When you’re cited on the major media networks, you are then able to use “As Seen On” and the logos of those networks on all of your marketing materials. Potential customers and other media outlets will now view YOUR BRAND as an authority. Think about what that can add to your bottom line

Press release and blast PR Newswire and all major newswires also to to these major mags: – $650
Roots Music Report, MI2n, MusicExistence, IndiePulseMusic, GlobalEmergingArtists Indie-Music, IndieSource and OriginalRock
Hip Hop Mags that would get Blast (No Guarantee of Placement);
1 AllHipHop
2 HipHopDX
3 Raptology
4 HipHopWired
5 Rap-up
7 TheSource
8 RapCastle
9 XXLmag
10 Bossip
11 OkayPlayer
12 RapRadar
13 The Hype Magazine
14 AllRapNews
15 DopeHood
16 HipHopWeekly
17 Ok-Tho
18 HipHopCrowns
19 AllUnsigned
20 Complex
21 HipHopPush
22 SwaysUniverse
23 Rap-Up
24 RapMajor
25 Thisis50

PR Blast -$250
Have your press release sent to over 250 media outlets. Give you new release or career a chance to get intervIews, radio play, playlist opportunities, and articles/blog post about you.

Blog Placements
Standard Blog Packages
Hood Illustrated, Rap Head, Bless The Mic Mag, NY Underground Radio, Hip Hop Soul, Smack Em Radio, OneFiveEnt, Tha Hustlafide Corner, Harlem Point Gunz Radio, Super Star Central, Hood-X, Rap
or Die, Coda Grooves Ent, Bangaz, Del Connect Beats, Mr Archers NYC, Core DJ Radio, 215 Hip Hop, True Skool, iPlanet Hip Hop, Hip HopND, Coast2CoastLive, The Boogie Report, Paper Chasers, Poze Productions, Empire State Mixtapes, This Is Kush DVD, I Am Hip Hop, This Is 80, World Wrap Federation, Servin Em Ent, New Muzic Today, The Blacklist Pub, Ethno Nightlife, Hot 92, Certified Bootleg, New Untouchables, Wu World, Supreme FM Live, Billionaires Elite, The Empire, Wane Enterprises, We Battle, Exposed Vocals, Visual Music, Nasty Mixx, OffTheAve, Majestic Society, Nerved DJ’s, Street Connect DJ’s, Dope House Records, Station FM, Urban Soul, Hip Hop Humanism, Official Gucci Mane, USA Music Review, Chicago Bangerz, Wisconsin Bangerz, Minnesota Bangerz, Ohio Bangerz, Iowa Bangerz, Michigan Bangerz, Indiana Bangerz, NY Bangerz, Penn Bangerz, Boston Bangerz, DC Bangerz, Virginia Bangerz, Toronto Bangerz, NJ Bangerz, ATL Bangerz, Miami Bangerz, Texas Bangerz,
Carolina Bangerz, Memphis Bangerz, Kentucky Bangerz, OKC Bangerz, LA Bangerz, Seattle Bangerz, Phoenix Bangerz, Vancouver Bangerz, Denver Bangerz, Las Vegas Bangerz, Utah Bangerz

Hood Illustrated – $20
2 standard blogs – $35
5 standard Blogs – $75
10 standard Blogs – $100
15 standard hip hop blogs – $175
30 standard hip hop blogs – $225
30 hip hop magazines, blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj’s + blogs – $250
60 popular hip hop blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj’s + blogs – $350
100 hip hop magazines, blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj’s + blogs – $500
200 popular hip hop blogs + eblast to 2k+ dj’s + blogs- $650
Small/Standard Blog Placements -250+ small blog sites – $75 

Major/Mid Tier Blog Placements*
Hip Hop Weekly – $425
The Source – $425
Papermag – $350
Yahoo News – $575
Vents – $250
Entertainment Paper – $350
Music Times – $699
Medium – $250
ABC/NBC/CBS – $300
Raptology/All Rap News – $300
WIkipedia Page – $600
BuzzFeed – $350
Jamsphere – $125
The Frisky – $700
Mstarz – $700
Hype Magazine – $550
EnStarz – $675
CelebMix- $675
LA Weekly – $4000
One West – $450                                                                                                                                                                              ThisisRNB- $350 – must be accepted.

Mid Major Blogs – thisis50, hhs1987, 1stdayfresh, bizkit, music on the dot, thatsenuff, traps n trunks, hype mag, stardom101 mag, dj iceberg, clutch mag, booth mag, dirty glove – $250/each Get 2 for $425 – Get 5 for $1000

Plus many more here that are not listed. We can also do a custom blog package tell us your budget and we will put together a package that fits your budgets starting at $250.00
*All blogs placement does not include article. If a written story is needed please add $50.00 to any order.

What will I receive with DopeFreshMusic promotion service?

Updates on your campaigns

Every two weeks, you’ll get an email update that will include a spreadsheet of playlists & streams during the promotion.


Jay Bagg$ and his team is available is your personal concierge who is available from 10am to 8:30 pm Eastern Time. Please let us know how we can assist you.

Email replies in 48 hours or less

Our goal is to answer your questions or concerns fast.

Real people listening to your music

We put your musical masterpiece in front of real listeners.

Authentic career growth

Don’t be surprised if you start to see an increase in followers. The size of the increase depends on your Spotify & other social media profiles, appearances, mix & master, and cover art quality.

More saves to user libraries

Another hallmark of growth is seeing more people save your songs. This will vary on the quality your mix & master and cover art.

About "Jay Bag$"


Darius “Jay Bag$” Jackson is an artist/songwriter from Baton Rouge, LA. He discovered his love of Hip-Hop from a young age, when Darius was younger he was exposed to diverse music while being able to travel growing up. This enticed Darius and he soon began to focus on creating his own rhymes and music. He started making music in the summer of 2010 but didn’t start taking it seriously until 2015 when he met Mississippi artist “Trapp Tarell”. He showed Jay how to distribute his music and this sparked him to learn more about the music industry as a whole. His ultimate music goal is to be renowned as one of the best songwriters/execs in the game as well as assist as many artists as he can with their careers. Jay has had songs that he’s co written reach top 50 R&B/Hiphop singles on the DRT charts in 2021, as well as a top 150 ranking song on the indie DRT charts. Currently Darius is a songwriter, manager, & artist developer. He started his own entertainment company in 2020 called ‘All in Entertainment’ that helps artists learn the music business side of the industry, as well as develop their brand and artistry. Darius is also the Co-Owner of DopeFreshMusic with his partner Nathan Mcallister. (DopeFreshMusic provides top tier marketing and promotional services for Independent artists.) With Darius ‘Jay Bag$’ Jackson’s strong lyrical ability and industry versatility, his understanding of the different aspects of music allow him to give the world a diverse sound and avenue to cater to any artist or music fan.

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